When owning or operating a public venue such as a movie theater or a sporting event you are constantly having to figure out ways to increase sales. This is especially the case in movie theaters in current times. Movie theaters (especially the independent theaters) are looking for other revenue streams besides the actual movies. The movie industry may seem like it has been steadily inclining but a closer look will reveal something else. You see many record movies but that is one time a year. These films do not produce enough profit to cover the entire year. This is why there is a greater emphasis on other sales.

Many public venues sell food and beverage. With other costs rising (healthcare, minimum wage, etc) there needs to be ways to increase sales.

In todays world, people in general are multitasking and attention is easily drawn to distractions. It is very important to grab the customers attention and draw them in. In any public venue, you want people to see what you are selling as soon as they walk in the door. Whether its a sports event or a movie, you want to pull them in and sell them on everything you have. Digital Menu boards are very effective in drawing attention. Especially when there is animation & movement. People are naturally attracted to action so it is exactly what you need to help increase your profits.

Take a look at some of our Digital Menu Board’s we have designed for some of our clients. 

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