Digital Marketing for Small Business: Where to Start

Whether your a business owner or just starting a blog you have sure heard the term Search Engine Optimization. There are many articles out there that tell you many different things. This can become very frustrating and if you do not have any guidance your most likely just going to keep spinning your wheels, wasting time & money.

The best thing about this new era of marketing is that compared to traditional marketing it is much more affordable. That is, however, if you know how to use it correctly. Many small business owners do not have the time to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing so they will hire somebody to do the job. A lot of times its someone younger who tends to understand at least the social media aspect of things. The problem then becomes, how do I increase traffic to my various channels & drive the right users to my content. You could spend weeks reading articles and books on what strategy works best. The problem is when you keep reading posts that all say they are the best, you never move any further along.

When you take a step back and try to understand what the search engines goal is then you can help yourself achieve your own goals. The search engine is constantly changing algorithms to try to better serve its users. The only sure proof way to reach your users is to make sure your websites are as easy to use as possible, the content is easy to understand & people are actively looking for your content.

Take this into perspective. When you are browsing the internet for a specific answer to a question you have. When you are in the zone and you go from page to page, the smallest things can lead you to take action on that page. If the website doesn’t load quick enough, click, your out of there. If the type is too small, click, your gone. If the content is spaced to close together or it doesn’t flow in an organized manner, your mind quickly tells you to move on.

You need to provide content that people are looking for. Your website could be the most beautiful piece of art the world has ever seen, but if your writing about something that nobody cares or searches about (which is highly unlikely) than none of that matters. The key in this aspect is doing a search on a search engine or using the keyword planner to get an idea of the amount of traffic certain keywords get.

Big Digital Marketing Agencies will certainly help you get reach your goals but how can a small business afford to keep paying monthly fees of $100+ a month. You can hire these companies for a while to get you started and cut them off when you feel you have had enough but what do you do a couple months down the road when you need changes made? Why not have a company that will work alongside you and within your budget to help you reach your goals and will even help you cut ties so you can do everything yourself or within your own company?


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