When you are running a small business in today’s world there a lot of things that you have to deal with that the average consumer would not understand. People assume business is business and there aren’t many differences. This is a reason why topics such as minimum wage and healthcare are such heated debates. Many small businesses simply cannot afford to take on extra costs when the economy isn’t improving at the same rate. They are forced to pay more, while they cannot increase the price of their goods or services to balance out their costs due to the lack of economic growth.

This can make marketing and trying to reach new customers a daunting task. You may be afraid to throw money at any type of promotion with the fear of getting no return on your investment. This risk is also amplified by attempting to weed out some companies claiming they will get you to the top of google in a short period of time. This is the perfect situation for slimy businesses to take advantage of such people.

As a rule of thumb, do NOT ever trust a company telling you they will get you to the number one spot on Google. This simply cannot be guaranteed. You can work on your search engine optimization for years and still not be that number 1 spot.

So what types of cost-effective strategies are there to increase your customer awareness?

This is why digital marketing has changed the game for small businesses. Before the digital age, businesses were forced to go door to door, take out print advertisements, promote on the radio & more. For many small businesses, this was simply not in the budget.

Now, small businesses can use tools such as Google/Bing Ads, Youtube Videos, Optimized Websites & many more! With all of these tools you can still misuse them and end up costing your company a fortune. When using Search Engine ads it is important to only target very relevant keywords, as well as having a great landing page. You could have 100% CTR (click-through rate) but if your landing page stinks then you will fail to cash in on these clicks. If you target keywords that aren’t relevant or there is tons of competition for that keyword then you could end up wasting a ton of money and get very little in return. You also have to take into consideration the times in which your ideal customers would be looking for your product/service. Many potential consumers aren’t actively looking for a business at 4 in the morning so if your ads are running 24 hours you could be wasting money there.

Youtube videos are a very effective measure in getting attention. Effective videos can be produced with little money and can produce a great return. The best videos have a steady camera and sound is not distorted. It also has to be visually appealing. If you can produce a good video with a message that is quick and to the point you can increase business. You can take that video and actually promote in throughout Youtube, which is one of the largest search engines in the world. You can target by geographic region, age, interests & more!

All of these platforms can be used in addition to on-page search engine optimization & other marketing techniques to drive the right audience to your business at an affordable rate.

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